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A look into Toshi’s view of photography: The Nail, the Hammer, and the Wrench

So this article I’ve written is a bit long, so I put it under the cut if you’re interested.

I look into cameras and people’s impressions of me and talk about the skill of being a photographer and also using the right camera for the right job. I also talk about using the wrong stuff for the job and how it affects the convention goers.

Feel free to read more if you’re interested in my rant analysis. It gets a little technical from time to time but it’s merely my thoughts on how far I’ve gotten in the convention scene and what I plan to do in the future.

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A little preview of Kaigi’s location that I did for Anime Kaigi.

Anime Kaigi is November 10-12 in Flagstaff, AZ.

While last year’s location was at NAU, this year’s location promises to be pretty and there’s a huge backyard trail with lots of forest area for those forest cosplays!

That and it’s not 90+ degrees (a nice 60 here). 

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Long time no updates!

I have been hard at work derping with my wheelcam in order to make a CMV, and now I have created one!

It’s obviously not to be taken seriously, hence the name Derp.mp4, but I hope you all enjoy how ridiculous it is!

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Cosplay Life: A Documentary Movie on Indiegogo

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Thank you Cosplay In America!

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My IndieGogo project is up.




It’s a project to start a documentary series. Please read about it and help me out. I want to be able to create a documentary on cosplay as a whole and with this I feel I would be able to do it.

I need to get a job.


Also all you guys should donate because Toshi is already a wonderful photographer which means he’ll be just as good with the vidya!

you guys remember when you begged me and toshi to get a video cam set up? Well here’s you’re chance to help out! Every little bit helps, and it means that we’ll be able to provide you with more cosplay coverage than before!

Bringing this back since I posted this late last night!

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feroxidancer asked: Hello! I just wanted to say that I loved your photobooth at Saboten! What other AZ cons do you go to?

I literally do almost every con in AZ now XD 

I’ve done Kaigi, Tucon, Con-Nichiwa, Taiyou, and Sabo.

The next con I’ll be at would be Anime Kaigi 2012 up in Flagstaff. After that, the next one would be Con-Nichiwa 2013.

I won’t be doing Taiyou this year unfortunately due to Anime Los Angeles picking me up and the dates overlapping from that.